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I am Dr. Plawner's patient for many years. One time I went to another dentist because of my insurance plan. Now I came back again. I am so happy with him and his staff. They all treat you in a very professional way. I recommend many friends to go to Dr. Plawner.

Sonia Andrade

*Portuguese Reviewer*

Eu me chamo Josana Moreira trato meus dentes com o Doctor Jacob e sua equipe estou muito Feliz e realizada com o atendimento atenção carinho que esta equipe a demonstrado já estou no 4 implante e foi de muito sucesso me sinto bem tambèm North Broad family dental ajuda com o financiamento sem juros conforme o que possa pagar mensalmente aqui eu me sinto tranquila e confortàvel recomendo a todos os Brasileiros Português Spanish e a todas as pessoas de qualquer parte do mundo . Esta experiência eu recomendo .

Extremely happy with this dentist!

Corey S.

I was treated by Oscar and the treatment I received was excellent. The results from my treatment were good and I would recommend North Broad Family Dental to all my friends.

Mark Anthony Wallace, Hillside, NJ 03/22/2011

I Ana Báez can tell you that I am very happy with my dental work . It was a total success especially the implant. The inplate was done very nicely and Dr. Jacob Plawner is a great expert on implants. My daughter Alex is also very satisfied with the service of someone special, Mr. OSCAR. Thank you

Ana Baez, Hillside, NJ 04/04/2011

I came to North Broad Family Dental for removal of teeth and losing my gap, so I received a beautiful upper partial. I was stressed about this procedure, but after a lot of questions that I had, the staff put me at ease. After having a gap in my front teeth all my life, I now faced a major change losing it and looking rather different when I look into the mirror. But, you know CHANGE can be good. I'll get used to it.

KUDOS to the front staff, they are the best and I would recommend everybody to North Broad Family Dental.

Lana Harrison, Scotch Plains, NJ 03/03/2011

I was treated by Dr. Plawner and the treatment I received from him and his staff was very friendly, careing and they were very understanding. I now have have a fuller smile. I use to have to put my hand or turn my head away from people when I smiled. I was very pleased with the treatment and I would recommend North Broad Family Dental.

Priscilla Hardy, Rahway, NJ 04/04/2011

I have had everything done at North Broad Family Dental and all my treatment was GREAT!!! When they asked me would I recommend the practice to a friend or family member, I said "Hell Yeah!!

Lawrence Orellana, Elizabeth, NJ 02/28/2011

For so many years I was embarrassed about my teeth. I would always cover my mouth when I smiled. My mother was a single mom so we didn't have extra money to spend on my teeth. I made a promise to myself that before I turned 30 no matter what I would get my teeth fix. I found Dr. Plawner on the internet and I chose him because he was down the street from my house. I made an appointment on my 30th birthday. I was so scared. I even broke out in sweat. The day finally came, it was on a Thursday and it was raining very hard outside. At first, I was going to cancel then I said "no" you are going to that appointment. That day change my life forever. The staff was so nice and Dr. Plawner gave me a few options on how I can improve my smile. I felt so good about myself. When my treatment was completed and they handed me the mirror for my final look, I actually cried. No more gaps, no more big teeth in the front. Just plain ole beautiful straight teeth. I love it and I love Dr. Plawner. Thank you Dr. P for giving me confidence and helping my self esteem. I am even dating now.

Maria Lopez, Elizabeth, NJ

I am playing in the biggest college game of my life. If we win today, we have made college history. We are playing the undefeated Univ. of DC. Chowan Univ. has never defeated them in 18 years. Its 10 sec left on the clock, we are up by 1 point. My shoulder is dislocated but I have possession of the ball. They press us. I dribble across the half court line and with 3 secs left on the clock I am elbowed right in the mouth. The refs call a foul and there is blood on my hands. A 30 sec time out is called and then I am on the foul line. The adreneline is high but I make both foul shots and we win, 56-53. I am happy and crying at the same time cause now, my tooth is chipped and my smile is a hot mess. I call Dr. P in a complete panic and he tells me to get here as soon as I can and he will fix my tooth. Needless to say, I flew into Newark, Dr. P. fixed my tooth and I was back on the court in 8 hours in time for practice. My smile was back. So I want everybody to know that Dr. P is "WHATS UP".

Najah Harris, West Orange, NJ/ Chowan University "2011"

What can I say! , Dr. Plawner is the "master dentist". My teeth were bad and I had a big cavity in the front and it smelled bad. I hated to talk to people because I was afraid of how they would react towards me. My cousin told me to go to Dr. Plawner in Elizabeth. He fixed my teeth in the front. He even gave me some new ones. I look great!!!! But, what is best of all, my wife won't stop kissing me.Thanks Doc!

Donald Bowers, Union, NJ

My testimony is I got more than I paid for. My teeth are white, my breath is fresh and the ladies love me. The ladies really love my Gold crown in the front. They just can't get enough of it. It's my trademark . Doctor Plawner is just plain GOOD!!!!!!

Terrel "Smooth Tea" Brown

Elizabeth, NJ

I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I hated to smile. I always turned my head when I talked to people or I would hold my head down. Finally, one day my boyfriend said to me "Mercedes" lets bring the beauty that you have on the inside out, so find a dentist and I will help you". Dr. Plawner was listed under my insurance plan so I called and made an appointment. Let me tell you this, "I can't stop smiling". My teeth are beautiful and now I am beautiful or should I say, I feel beautiful. I have to wait a few months to get by bottom teeth done, but it is worth the wait.

Thank you Dr. Plawner for all your hardwork and my beautiful smile. See you soon.

Mercedes J. Acevedo

Hillside, NJ

Once I found out I needed surgery done on my gums, I was a little nervous. One of the assistants suggested that if I wanted, I could have laser surgery. It sounded a little scary but she promised that it was the best way to do it. I agreed and got it done. Honestly, I never felt any pain and the results were outstanding. It was the best choice I ever made. I do recommend it to any who needs this treatment done.

Carlos Villolobos

Roselle, NJ

My experience with laser surgery was painless. The care was very professional and caring making sure that the novacaine was taking effect prior to surgery. Once the area was numb and surgery took place, I felt minimal pain but nothing extreme to stop surgery. If I had to do it again I would. I felt comfortable and most importantly, "no pain". The instructions were given accurately and I am looking forward to the healing process.

Thank you for making my life less pain.

Claudia Soriano

Kenilworth, NJ

I, Dequana Britt was very unhappy with my smile before I came to Dr. Plawner. The dentist I went to at Jersey Gardens was horrible. My friend recommended me to come here and I'm glad she did. This dentist office accepted me in with insecurity and exited me with confidences. Thanks Dr. Plawner

Dequana Britt

I have been afraid of getting a tooth pulled my whole life. I am not happy about it, but I will never be afraid again, if I go here. The treatment was beyond outstanding.

William W. Refsiand

Parsippany, NJ

I live on Long Island and travel a great distance. I have been using Dr. Plawner as my dentist for 25 years. I would go no place else. I am a coward and he so gentle. I feel no pain and his staff are very polite and good as well.

Judy Sack

Long Island, NY

Everyone made me feel very,very comfortable and the dentist was the greatest. I've recommended this dentist to everyone I have spoken to.

North Broad Dental is very good with appointment reminders via text, email and calls. . Dentists and staff all seem to be very well educated on the subject and can always answer questions I may have. Unfortunatly I do not remember any names but I can say that I am an Invisalign patient and whoever has treated me weather it be a receptionist, dental assistant, hygentist or dentist has done an excellent job .The above factors aided in my decision to switch from my previous dentist to North Broad Dental and also refer friends and family.

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